CALVADOS - Domain Familial Louis Dupont, Normandy

The Dupont family is proud to have four generations of Calvados producers. Domaine Dupont is renowned for the fruity flavours associated with their calvados and are known for their unique method of pressing to extract more body from the fruit. No pesticides are used on their 30 hectares of apple orchards which produce fruits with low yields that are rich and complex in flavour. 
Currently available at LCBO stores is Domaine Dupont Fine Reserve Calvados du Pays D'Auge.
                                                                      LCBO 240184, $ 50.50 
Dupont Calvados is distilled from dry cider made from special apple varieties, aged in French Oak barrels for as long as forty years!
Domain Dupont is recognized across the world for their quality and style, and have won numerous awards and accolades. It is a great privilege to be able to offer you their vintage Calvados including the 1967. A fine selection of other vintages is available upon request. These fine products are guaranteed to impress you.
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