Olive Oil

Until you taste a true virgin olive oil you will not realize what you been missing all your life. From time to time, we manage to get our hands on some of the finest oils from the Adriatic coast of Croatia.

These oils come from very old olive trees that have been painstakingly nurtured for many, many generations.   Some of the trees are over 300 years old. There is no high tech production methods or modern equipment here. Our oil comes from small, family owned olive farms where most of the production is kept for family and friends. The most traditional way of making olive oil is by pressing olives. Green olives produce bitter oil, and overly ripened olives produce rancid oil, so care is taken to make sure the olives are perfectly ripened. First, the olives are ground into an olive paste using large millstones. The olive paste generally stays under the stones for 30–40 minutes. The oil collected during this part of the process is called virgin oil. Because we deal with small olive farms, there is no fancy packaging, no designer names or labels. We use our connections and our knowledge of local language, culture and customs to literally beg this liquid gold from the producers hands.  




Truffles are certainly one of the rarest and most appreciated delicacies. Whether you choose white or black truffles, your senses will be amazed by the unforgettable taste and fragrance of these little treasures. A true gift of nature!  We offer them fresh, when in season. Throughout the year, you can enjoy truffle products such as truffle infused oil, minced, preserved truffles and whole truffles packaged in olive oil.  Our truffles and truffle products come from Zigante Truffles, located in Croatia’s  Istrian peninsula. White truffles are generally served uncooked and shaved over steaming buttered pasta or salads. White or black paper-thin truffle slices may be inserted into meats, under the skins of roasted fowl, used in foie gras preparations, in pâtés, or in stuffings. The flavor of black truffles is far less pungent and more refined than that of white truffles. It is reminiscent of fresh earth and mushrooms, and when fresh, their scent fills a room almost instantly. Truffles add a touch of luxury and decadence to the simplest of dishes.

Try them - you will be amazed!