Coming from all over the world, carefully selected and tasted, these spirits will give you a chance to appreciate the best that nature has to offer. Rum from Bangalore, Brazilian cachaca, grappa from the Croatian Adriatic coast, Austrian Bierschnapps... and more to come! Visit this page again for the latest updates.





A mellow dark rum, Old Port Rum has the unique aroma of Indian cane. Made by Amrut Distilleries Ltd of Bangalore, it has the characteristics of oak vanillin flavours.

Rum is a popular drink in India and Amrut Distilleries has a long tradition of making both dark and light rums for the domestic market. It made its very first rum – Amrut XXX –  in 1948 and is now one of the leading suppliers of rum in the south of India.

Old Port Rum calls on this lifetime of experience in its family recipe to produce its distinct characteristics. Made from molasses from sugar cane grown in the Belgaum district of northern Karnataka, Old Port Rum recalls the land where the cane grows. A great rum to enjoy on its own or in mixed drinks. Perfect for cooking and baking as well.

Grappa is no longer just the brandy of the common man - Grappa distilling is a rather complex and expensive process. Generally speaking, many producers now concentrate on producing smaller quantities, but of superior quality.  Fermented and distilled from Zlahtina marc this wonderful Croatian style grappa called rakija, has a recognizable delicate aroma.
If the Mediterranean herb from the Rutaceae family is added, it makes an excellent remedy for digestion problems.

Katunar Rakija is a refined and elegant brandy and more than any other, evokes the true essence of the grape. Try it neat or slightly chilled, before or after a meal with an espresso or Turkish coffee along side.

Available now at the LCBO  Vintages # 36038

The distillery Gilbert Miclo is situated in a small valley in the Vosges Mountains, Alsace. Gilbert Miclo founded the Miclo Distillery in 1965 , having succeeded his father as head of the family company in 1962, but in those days they were only traders of wine, eaux de vie and beers. The decision was taken to produce their own fruit brandies, and to concentrate on only products of the very finest quality. The company immediately became well-known for their superbly pure fruit-brandies and today uses more than 2,000 tonnes of fresh fruit each year. Miclo is a frequent prize winner, and very proud of its listings in top bars, hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants.

From a well know producer of truffle products from Croatia’s region of Istria, comes this truly unique drink - Tartufina, grappa with truffles! Crystal clear with aromas of black truffle, grape skins, petrol and passion fruit. The essence of the truffle comes through clearly and rather elegantly on the palate. Quite smooth with a lovely warmth on the finish, which lingers impressively. A great sip to enjoy with aged Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

This is also a great gift for passionate amateur chefs who seek to add something special to their creations.

We hear that Tartufina is becoming a top ingredient in premium cocktails.

Samichlaus Bierbrand is unique amongst high class distilled beer specialties. It’s distilled from Samichlaus Beer, the strongest lager beer in the world. Samichlaus Bierbrand is unparalleled in its complex taste with a creamy, warm finish. A wonderful taste for all occasions or simply if you wish to enjoy something very special. Also available is Zigarrenbrand (45% alc./vol.), a speciality from the Salzkammergut, distilled from Urbock 23°. It is aged 12 months in oak barrels where it obtains its incomparable aroma and taste. Whether enjoyed with a cigar, as an aperitif or digestive it provides an amazing flavour experience. Also available is Abeeritif (20% alc./vol), a liqueur made out of Samichlaus Bierbrand, Samichlaus Beer and Amaro. Drunk as an aperitif, its fine and creamy taste with a mild sweetness. Liqueur connoisseurs will enjoy these drinks and think of them as very special experiences.

Produced in Brazil since 1893 Cachaca Guapiara is a high quality product, distilled by traditional artisanal methods. It is produced on the Guapiara farm, in Passa Quatro, one of the famous mineral water locales of this country. Passa Quatro islocated  in  the south in the State of Minas Gerais.

Only the highest standards are incorporated in the whole process, from the planting of the sugar cane through the bottling process.

Whether it is enjoyed straight or with creative cocktails, Cachaça Guapiara is irresistible. Stored in Jequetibá wood and oak, these products have a unique flavor and bouquet with a silky smooth taste.  Recently, Cachaça Guapiara was awarded with 4 medals, a gold, silver and bronze at the International Cane Spirits Festival.